Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic play involves using social skills in an appropriate and responsible manner. Children need these social skills for development and learning purposes as well as to foster fairness and justice. While pragmatic play may not come easily for their kids, parents can use various strategies to help their children practice these skills more easily – for instance helping with homework that requires being more thoughtful and empathetic or role-playing to encourage children to consider others before themselves when making decisions.

Art can also be an excellent way to foster pragmatic play. Painting and drawing are great activities to help your child build expressive language, yet their effectiveness depends on having access to other people to discuss the artwork they’ve completed with. When painting with friends, for instance, children can discuss how the painting came together as they worked on different parts, discussing why certain parts are more successful than others and exploring why some parts seem to stand out more.

Some pragmatic skills are inherent, like respecting personal space and speaking at an appropriate volume; others must be learned through consistent modeling from caregivers like parents. When children can meet expectations in any given situation, their pragmatic skills become evident – particularly after repeated reinforcement.

For instance, if a child does not want to interact with friends and family, they might use pragmatic play to avoid having to interact with them – which may result in them withdrawing or becoming isolated from society, which has negative repercussions for mental health. Furthermore, without understanding how best to express emotions in healthy ways they might become violent in response.

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