The Symbiosis Prize – A Great Opportunity For Undergraduate Students

Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev is a Ukrainian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player currently playing with Natus Vincere. Since joining on trial earlier in June, sdy has already made quite an impression – leading them to victory at their inaugural tournament together: BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022!

The team is now gearing up for the upcoming event and sdy is confident they will perform at their best. He does have some concerns, however, such as improving his reactions in certain situations; specifically being more precise and swifter when making decisions; yet believes he will eventually adapt to his team’s playstyle over time.

The Sdy Prize

The Sdy Prize offers undergraduate students who excel in their studies a great opportunity. Open to fulltime university students enrolled in their third or higher year and in the top half of their class, winners of this prestigious award will receive financial assistance and networking opportunities; additionally they’ll have an opportunity to meet some eminent scholars from the field of linguistics.

Additionally, the prize will help the winner enroll in a graduate program, giving them the chance to continue their research and publish it in peer-reviewed journals. They’ll also have access to other universities nearby as part of this opportunity for networking and experience-gaining. In addition to that, feedback from our panel of judges provides them with invaluable feedback that could improve their research significantly.

The competition will commence November 26, 2021 and end February 20, 2022, and all applications will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of linguists and anthropologists who will select the winning entry from all entries submitted by February 20, 2022. They will evaluate written essays and interviews and select a student before awarding them the prize money as part of a ceremony held in January at which their prize money will be distributed as well as opportunities to network with fellow linguists.

People interested in applying to the SDY Prize should visit its official website to receive more information and apply. Applying is free of charge, without needing special qualifications or academic achievements to take part. However, applicants must be able to effectively communicate in English and have conducted original research in the field of linguistics. Furthermore, applicants should demonstrate their knowledge of its history. Judges use this criteria to assess an applicant’s contribution to advancing a field, so this step is of vital importance. Furthermore, applicants should submit a written essay that showcases their understanding of the topic (300 to 400 word essay is recommended). Furthermore, applicants should provide copies of both current transcripts and CVs in addition to this application form.