What is the HK Prize?

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The HK Prize is an award that recognizes writers whose writing contributes to understanding Hong Kong and Asian culture as a whole. One of Asia’s premier prizes, it awards significant monetary and research facilities prizes to writers from any genre who contribute significantly. Established in 1959 and open to authors across genres; winning can help increase author credibility.

Winners of the hk Prize can be found worldwide, dedicated to making an impactful difference in their communities through social justice work or science research. It is fitting that we celebrate these individuals whose efforts make such a valuable contribution to global society! They should be celebrated.

As well as receiving a monetary prize, Hong Kong Prize Winners will gain global exposure and top-tier media coverage. They will be invited to attend a ceremony and press conference, as well as volunteering during university vacations in Hong Kong – providing students with a rare opportunity to learn first-hand about Asian culture and Hong Kong itself.

Students aspiring to win the Hong Kong Prize must be students enrolled at a Hong Kong university with an interest in Asian history and culture, great writing abilities and commitment to raising awareness on such subjects. Furthermore, extracurricular activities as well as special skills should also be demonstrated by applicants for this prize.

This year’s Hong Kong prize went to a film about Chinese writer Xiao Hong’s life and legacy that featured both classic tales as well as new material produced from both mainland China and Hong Kong. Other winners of this coveted honor included an award-winning coming-of-age documentary and an action thriller film.

Some lawmakers have voiced criticisms against the Hong Kong Prize due to its perceived lack of diversity, including neglecting democracy advocates who were arrested by Beijing following protests over last summer’s National Security Law. Others have advocated that scholars studying Hong Kong history and politics also be included as prize recipients, however its organisers stand firm with honoring excellence in Asian studies and plan to expand it over time.