How to Stay Safe While Swimming in Hong Kong Pools

Swimming can be an effective way to stay fit. Not only can it burn calories and build endurance, it can also relieve stress and boost energy levels – plus it’s great family fun. But swimming poses some inherent risks. Here are a few safety tips for staying safe when swimming in Hong Kong pools.

Hong Kong’s public swimming pools are an ideal way to stay fit while escaping city life’s hectic pace. Outdoor pools in particular are immensely popular among families with young children, while many offer amenities such as slides and lazy rivers to make your experience even more pleasurable. Plus, best of all? They’re free! This means you can visit as often as desired without incurring additional costs!

The Hong Kong Water Sports Centre at Kennedy Town is a popular pool destination among both locals and visitors to Hong Kong. This large complex features two indoor and one outdoor pools, as well as jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms – with floor-to-ceiling windows offering spectacular views of Victoria Harbour from its floor-to-ceiling windows! Additionally, loungers and snack bars make the pool area even more enjoyable while taking in all that the pool offers.

Sai Kung Pool is a favorite among locals and boasts clear turquoise waters with a mini slide for kids, all set among fake palms to give it an exotic atmosphere. Perfect for families with younger children who still need supervision while swimming, the smaller pool provides clean environments across from Hong Kong Academy campus for convenient swimming sessions.

Although swimming pools have reopened, some remain uncertain if they will be safe to use. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has set the capacity of each facility at 50% of capacity; additionally, lifeguard shortage is still an ongoing problem as reported by Anson Tang Tsz-on of Government Lifeguards General Union who requested that government consider raising seasonal lifeguard salaries while recruiting more staff on two year contracts.

Dozens of monkeys were recently seen lounging and swimming in a private swimming pool in Hong Kong this week, according to online video footage that circulated. A minute-long video shows primates splashing around in the pool while climbing on beach chairs, splashing, splashing backwards, and sometimes even chasing each other; all occupants of this private pool were eventually removed for cleaning purposes.

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