Top 5 HK Pools to Swim In This Summer

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Swimming is an enjoyable way to stay active and take advantage of Hong Kong’s summer weather, providing exercise while also relieving stress and increasing energy levels. Furthermore, it can provide opportunities to socialize with family and friends! To get you started we have put together a list of some of the top Hong Kong pools where you can swim this summer.

This outdoor pool is a popular spot for families to cool off during the heat of the summer, offering an assortment of pools including main, toddlers’ and Jacuzzi options. Conveniently located for residents living in Central area as it can easily be reached via MTR stations.

Only drawback of this pool is its annual maintenance closure period – approximately three weeks per year – but other than that it offers breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and is definitely worth visiting!

Wan Chai residents love this outdoor pool! Situated at the center of Wan Chai, it features a main pool, two kiddie pools with water slides and animals for children to play in, as well as ten diving boards – not forgetting its 2,500 person spectator stand!

Another fantastic aspect of this pool is that it’s free! This facility is often used by children learning how to swim. Unfortunately, like any public pool, this one does have its own share of issues: for instance, in winter the temperature can drop significantly and cleanliness issues exist.

This pool offers the ideal relaxing and soothing swimming experience, featuring both an indoor and outdoor pool surrounded by lush greenery, both offering views of the ocean. Although smaller than other Hong Kong pools, its refreshing waters still make this an excellent option.

One drawback of this pool is its potential overcrowding during weekends and holidays, so visitors should arrive early to secure their desired spot.

The Hyatt and Renaissance hotels boast impressive hotel swimming pools. The Hyatt’s large outdoor pool may be Hong Kong’s largest while Metropark features an partially-covered rooftop pool that keeps harbour breezes at bay, making it great for summer swimming. Both properties also provide services that help ensure relaxation such as spa services for added peace and serenity.