Singapore Pools’ Responsible Gambling Initiatives

Singapore Pools, owned and managed by the Singapore government since 1968, operates Singapore’s lottery, sports betting and horse racing activities as well as providing various community services. Established to encourage responsible gambling while counteract illegal betting practices.

At 677 Rangoon Road in central Singapore is the headquarters of this global company with roughly 1,300 employees worldwide and products such as online lottery, sports, horseracing and 4D gaming. There is also a mobile app designed for Android and iOS devices which enables customers to place bets on various sporting events and games; customers who wish to use this free service must first create an account through either official website or app; registration can be easily done using online registration forms like SingPass MyInfo; once created the site will verify their account in two days after which users can login using username/password for betting action!

As a publically listed entity, Singapore Pools must comply with strict regulations when conducting its business operations. To maintain an excellent reputation within its industry and prevent breaches to information systems and avoid breaches. To address these risks effectively, Singapore Pools uses cutting edge technologies to monitor compliance and defend against potential threats.

Singapore Pools’ IT department was forced to unlock additional capacity in their data centre during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet rising internet bandwidth demand, according to Yeo. Unfortunately, this exposed them to potential hacking attacks and an increase in phishing attempts; consequently they are working harder now to strengthen their defenses.

Singapore Pools’ initiative for responsible gaming includes using its nationwide digital signage network. This allows them to educate customers about playing responsibly, staying within their limits and how to identify potential problem gambling situations.

Additionally, the company has collaborated with the National Crime Prevention Council to weave responsible gambling messages into anti-illegal gambling campaigns and works closely with the Ministry of Health to offer counseling and support services for at-risk families.

Finally, the company strives to find ways to make an impactful contribution beyond financial donations. For instance, they teamed up with artisans from Personalised Love, Metta School Grace Orchard School and CPAS Adult Services to produce commemorative gift sets to celebrate Singapore Pools Golden Jubilee. Furthermore, they support Community Chest Heartstrings Walk as well as Social Impact Technology for Good through Microsoft partnerships.