The Singapore Prize and Other Awards

Looking for something fun or worthwhile to do in Singapore? From books to read to interesting projects, there’s plenty of ways you can occupy your time here. One such activity is taking part in the Singapore Prize competition – an award given out for outstanding achievements in many fields based on criteria established at an award ceremony and boasting cash and other perks as prizes for winners.

This award, established through a donation of $1 Million by Confucian scholar Alan Chan, seeks to promote books that foster mindsets and values essential to Singapore’s formation, such as equality, diversity, religious harmony, meritocracy, pragmatism resilience as well as an emphasis on education innovation and community building.

One such book nominated for this prize is Kamaladevi Aravindan’s novel Sembawang, set in Singapore during the 1950s, which tells the tale of a family that moved there from Malaysia, while also touching upon race relations and immigration issues in Singapore at that time. Sembawang is one of the inaugural nominees and should make for an interesting read if you’re curious about Singapore history.

Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize recognizes cities that demonstrate foresight and effective governance when facing urban challenges, awarding them with a cash prize of 30 Million Singapore Dollars (20.1 Million euros). This award will be presented during the World Cities Summit 2022 – Vienna has previously won this award; Auckland, Toronto, and Sydney will join Vienna on this year’s shortlist this time around.

This prize was established to commemorate the late Prime Minister of Singapore who led its transformation into an international city. It honors him due to his tireless efforts at improving lives of Singaporeans while creating a global powerhouse nation. Established by both Singapore’s government and World Cities Summit, this annual award will now be bestowed.

The winning team will receive a $500,000 cheque and other perks, such as two years exemption on the PGA Tour and participation at key events. Coached by former tour pro Nick O’Herlihy, these funds will be invested into player development programs to ensure its continuation into the future of golf.

This competition will run from June 24 to July 22, with shortlist announcement and winner announcement on August 25. A ceremony at Victoria Theatre in Singapore will honour them, as will receiving a trophy from contest organisers, plus featuring in a documentary airing on Channel News Asia network. Open to Singapore residents regardless of age or nationality; rules and regulations of contest available here