The Importance of Data Hong Kong

No matter whether your business operates online or off, data can help make informed marketing decisions and increase traffic and conversion rates. By understanding which types of content your audience searches for and their average time on site, you can then tailor the website accordingly and meet their expectations and meet them halfway.

A reliable data hk provider should offer tools that will assist in the identification of relevant keywords to target for your website, and may offer free trials so you can test out their service before making your commitment. This ensures you select a provider suited to your needs that offers value for money.

Establishing an effective data governance program begins by setting forth an explicit vision and business case. Your vision should describe your overall goal for data governance efforts while the business case provides an opportunity to articulate specific opportunities that exist and their anticipated value creation. Your vision should then be followed up with a detailed roadmap outlining who, what technologies, processes and roles will be necessary in order to implement policies which support business goals for data.

Hong Kong data protection is governed by the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO), which establishes rights for data subjects as well as specific obligations on data controllers – including six principles – as well as procedures regulating its export from Hong Kong. This legislation first came into force on 20 December 1996 and has been updated since.

Under the PDPO, one of the primary requirements is that data users must explicitly inform data subjects before collecting their personal data of its purpose and any recipients it will be transferred to – an extremely stringent standard which is in line with international norms; however, note that direct marketing transfers are specifically excluded by this Act.

Equinix Hong Kong data centers and colocation facilities serve as business hubs for a range of companies, offering dense concentrations of enterprises, networks, IT service providers and cloud service providers. Situated strategically within one of Asia’s busiest network hubs, these facilities offer customers a diverse and secure interconnection environment which supports their digital supply chains.

Tech Data HK takes great pride in giving back to the communities it serves through its Tech for Schools program. By providing technology resources that support students’ learning and development while connecting them with industry professionals through networking events, Tech for Schools connects young students with industry professionals as well as offering networking events between industry professionals. Furthermore, they participate regularly in charity and community projects designed to aid those in need, hoping that its efforts encourage the next generation of tech leaders who will drive innovation for sustainable development.